Electricity generated from renewable energy sources is known as “green power.” Growing green power is a vital step in building a cleaner, sustainable energy system. Innovative programs around the country now make it possible for energy consumers to support renewable energy by participating in the green power market. The willingness to pay for the benefits of increasing our renewable energy supplies can be tapped by any energy consumer. Choosing green power makes a big difference for the environment because electricity generation is the largest industrial polluter in the country.

Each group consists of the following four experts (A–D). Research your area of expertise using the links below.

A. National Renewable Energy Expert

EPA: Green Power Partnership
Union of Concerned Scientists
Renewable Energy Policy Project

B. State Energy Expert

Energy Information Administration, Fossil Fuel Sources
Choose the link to your state. Then, open the table entitled "Electric Power
Industry Generation by Primary Energy Source."

Energy Information Administration, Renewable Sources
For the most recent year, select the table entitled "Renewable Power Sector
Net Generation by State."

Renewable Energy Policy Project
EPA: Green Power Partnership

C. Local Energy Expert

EPA: Power Profiler

D. Green Power Market Expert

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Union of Concerned Scientists
US Department of Energy

You are part of an expert task force organized to advise community leaders. Your task is to research the topic of green power and create a plan for growing green power in the community.

1.   Research your area of expertise and complete the associated worksheet.    

2.   Share your online research with your group members.

3.   Organize your group’s presentation. Consider the following questions:

• How will your group organize its six-minute presentation?

• What roles will each team member play in preparing for and delivering the presentation?

• How will you effectively communicate the strengths of your plan?

4. Present your plan for growing green power in the community. Your presentation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Your understanding of energy sources currently used to generate electricity at a national, state, and local level.

• Your understanding of the green power market and issues affecting this market.

• The creativity of your plan.

• The persuasiveness of your plan.